Addaea trimeronalis Walker, 1859e;  Plate 1


Imaged specimen from Sri Lanka, Kandy. The holotype of Pyralis trimeronalis Walker, 1859e: 916 is from India (Sikkim) (Hampson, 1897: 632).


19mm. A brown speckled species with indistinct fasciation. Similar to A.transversalis but lacking the dark triangular orbicular mark and marginal spots. Note the white ringed antennae. See Symphleps spp. which are similar but larger and very uniformly and finely marked with no indications of banding.

Distribution & Habitat

China, India (Sikkim), Sri Lanka, Sabah, Brunei. Lowland.

Life History & Pest Status

Feeds on Mallotus philippinensis (Euphorbiaceae) and Terminalia tomentosa (Combretaceae).

Similar spp.

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