Dysodia viridatrix  Walker, [1858] 1856;  Plate 9;  not Borneo


The image is of Ssp. 2, unnamed; Vietnam, Phan Rang, Nha Ho. The female holotype of Eutelia viridatrix Walker, [1858] 1856:1777 from North Hindustan is in the NHM (Mi7286).


32mm. An attractive velvety green-brown species with some paler yellowish areas. Probably a leaf mimic. There is a triangular fenestra on the HW (almost absent in the imaged specimen). The wings are deeply scalloped near the tornus. It is variable with three sspp., two unnamed. Ssp. viridatrix Walker, [1858] 1856, S. & N. India. Ssp. 1, unnamed, Sri Lanka. Ssp. 2, unnamed, Vietnam (illustrated.)

Distribution & Habitat

Sri Lanka, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Thailand, Vietnam. Lowland.

Life History & Pest Status

The larva feeds on webbed Capparis leaves especially Capparis foetida, C. pyrifolia, C. spinosa & C. sepiaria (Capparidaceae) (HOSTS [Accessed Nov. 2008]), from within an oval shelter of webbing covered with woody particles and thorns. It has a strong unpleasant smell and it pupates in a cocoon within this larval shelter (RTS: 125).

Similar spp.

See D.siccifolia which has very narrow HW fenestrae.