Hypolamprus striatalis Swinhoe, 1886;  Plate 5;  not Borneo


India, Khasia Hills. The holotype of Microsca striatalis Swinhoe, 1886:875 from India (Bombay) is in the NHM (Mi7371).


24mm. This species has few distinctive markings on its reticulated red-brown wings. There are a series of pale patches on the FW costa and a few lines of the reticulation which are a darker brown.

Distribution & Habitat

Tibet, Sri Lanka, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Myanmar, Thailand, W. Malaysia, Philippines. Lowland to lower montane forest and disturbed areas.

Life History & Pest Status

It is a seed borer in Terminalia paniculata (Combretaceae), the flowering murdah tree (RTS: 134).

Similar spp.

See H. ypsilon which is similar but has distinct lineation on a reticulated background.