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Analyta apicalis Hampson, [1896]; PED 12

  • Taxonomy

    The holotype of Leucinodes apicalis Hampson, 1896: 371 is from Sri Lanka.

    Syn. Analyta pseudoapicalis (Strand,1918: 61). Syn. n. (Shibuya, 1928: 30). The TS from Taiwan (Kanshiri, Tainan) is in the MfNH (Berlin). See Wang & Speidel, 2000: 242.

    This may be a junior subjective syn. of A. sigulalis (Guenée, 1854). (Shaffer note on LepIndex card) but until that is verified it is treated here as a good sp.

    Agrotera leucostola Hampson, 1896, A. apicalis Hampson, 1896 and A. sigulalis Guenée, 1854 are very similar and may be syn. The A. apicalis group is in need of revision.

  • Description

    Wing length : 8mm. A delicate sp., mainly white with a few fuscous markings. FW with black tip and basal area. In A. apicalis the HW has a small black spot at the apex while in A. leucostola there is a diffuse black patch.

  • Distribution & Habitat

    Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Sabah, China (Hong Kong, S, W), Taiwan. Lowland.

  • Life History & Pest Status

    A common mangrove sp. in Hong Kong and at lower densities in other woodlands. The exact food plant is unknown.

  • Similar spp.

    Agrotera [Leucinodella] leucostola
    Analyta diaphana
    A. sigulalis

  • Unrelated Look-alikes

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  • References

    Hampson, G.F. (1896) Moths, Vol. IV, In Blandford, W.T. (ed.), The Fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma, W.T., Taylor and Francis, London: xxiii + 594pp.

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  • Genitalia

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  • DNA Barcode

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  • 3D Imaging

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  • Spare

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