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Admiralty Is. 300Km N. of PNG, part of the Bismarck Arch..

Aek Tarum. A river in S. Sumatra.

Alu (Shortland Is.). Part of the Solomon Is..

Ambon, Amboina, Amboyna. Small island S.W. of Ceram.

Andaman Islands. Island chain S. of Burma, (a state of India).

Angabunga River. PNG.

Aru Is. Moluccas.

Australasia. An ecozone that includes Australia, the island of New Guinea and the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago, including the island of Sulawesi, the Moluccan islands and islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores, and Timor, (the Lesser Sundas). It includes several Pacific island groups, including the Bismarck Archipelago, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia. Note that in its ecological usage (as opposed to the term used geopolitically), New Zealand is not part of Australasia.

Balae Islands. [Sulawesi] =Batu Is? Not definitely located.

Bali. See map (Introduction: Countries & Regions Covered)

Baram District. Miri pision of Sarawak, Borneo.

Batchian. = Batian. Island in the Moluccas.

Balabac (Belabac) Is. Southernmost island in the Palawan Archipelago, Philippines, close to Sabah.

Bhutan. Sovereign state S.E. of Tibet.

Bidi, 35km SW of. Kuching, Sarawak.

Bihar. State in eastern India, S. of Nepal.

Bismark [Bismarck Arch.]. N.E. of Papua New Guinea.

Bkt. Bedawan. On the border between the main part of Brunei and the Limbang pision of Sarawak.

Bkt. Larut. (= Maxwell Hill), Perak, W. Malaysia.

Bombay. Now Mumbai, W India.

Bonerate Islands. Now comprising the Taka Bonerate NP, a group of islands S. of Sulawesi

Bonthain. SE of Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan.

Bougainville. Solomon Islands.

Borneo.... is the name for the island of Borneo which is divided between three nations Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. ‘Borneo Province’ includes outer islands, e.g. Layang-Layang (Spratly Is.) and Natunas in the S. China Sea.

Brunei. See map. A small sovereign state on the N.W. coast of Borneo.

Burma. = Myanmar. See map.

Buru. Island W. of Ceram, S. Moluccas, Indonesia.

Cachar = Imphal. Assam, India.

Cameron Highlands. Central W. Malaysia.

Cebu. Island in the central Philippines.

Cedar Bay. S. of Cooktown, Q, Australia.

Celebes. Old name for Sulawesi (Indonesia).

Ceram, (Bahasa Indonesia: Seram) W. of New Guinea, see map.

Ceylon. Now Sri Lanka, see map

Cherrapunji = Cherrapunjee, Cherapunji. Meghalaya, N.E. India (adjacent to Khasi (Khasia) Hills).

Chiang Mai. N. Thailand.

China. See map.

Choiseul. Solomon Islands.

Chanthaburi, Chonthaburi. S.E. Thailand.

Crocker Range NP. Sabah.

Cuc Phong [NP] 120km SW of Hanoi, N. Vietnam.

Dalawan Bay. Balabac, southernmost island of the Palawan string, Philippines, bordering Sabah.

Dairi, [Dairi-E, N. Korintji Valley], W. Sumatra.

Damar, Dammar, Dammer Is. Most easterly of the string of Lesser Sunda Islands, N.E. of Timor.

Danum Valley. W. of Lahad Datu, Sabah E. Coast.

Danum Valley Field Centre = DVFC. Major rainforest research centre W. of Lahad Datu on the Sg. Segama adjacent to the DVCA.

Darjeeling. W. Bengal, N.E. India.

Davao. Mindanao, S. Philippines.

Dinagat. Small island E. of Cebu, Philippines.

Doi Inthanon NP. Chiang Mai Province, N. Thailand.

Doi Suthep-Pui NP. Chiang Mai. N. Thailand.

Dumoga Bone (now Nani Wartabone) NP. N. arm of Sulawesi.

East Timor. (now Timor Leste), part of Timor Is.

East Malaysia. The two States, Sabah & Sarawak, of the Federation of Malaysia, situated on the island of Borneo.

Fergusson, Ferguson Is. In the D’Entrecasteaux Is., N. of the eastern tip of PNG.

Fiji. Islands in the Pacific N.E. of Australia.

Fort de Kock = Bukittinggi (West Sumatra).

Fraser's, Frazer’s Hill. Hill resort N. of Kuala Lumpur.

Genting Highlands. Hill resort N. of Kuala Lumpur. Location of Genting Tea Estate (GTE).

Gg Bengbren [Java], not located.

Gg. Ijau. Perak, W. Malaysia.

Gg. Kobipoto. Ceram, Indonesia.

Gg. Malayu. Aek Tarum, S. Sumatra.

Gg. Santubong. Nr. Kuching, Sarawak.

Gg.Tompoe. Sulawesi.

Great Kai Island. One of the Kepulauan Is. S.E. of Ceram.

Hainan. S. China. See map.

Hindostan, Hindustan. General area comprising several states of N.Central India.

Hong Kong. See map.

Hpimaw Fort, Katchin State Myanmar [Burma] on the NE border with China.

Huai Kha Khaeng [WS]. Uthai Tani Province, W. Thailand.

Indomalaya. An ecozone previously known as the Oriental Region by biogeographers, extends from Afghanistan and Pakistan through the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia to lowland southern China, and through Indonesia as far as Java, Bali, and Borneo and SE to Wallace’s Line and also includes the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan's Ryukyu Islands.

Irian Jaya. See West Papua.

Java. See map.

Kaiserin-Augusta [now the Sepik] River. The longest river in New Guinea. It flows through the PNG provinces of Sandaun and E. Sepik and a small part of the Indonesian province of Papua, to discharge in to the Bismark Sea [Pacific Ocean] at Wewak.

Kalimantan. Four provinces of Indonesia comprising the southern two thirds of Borneo,

Kalimantan Barat (W.Kalimantan).

Kalimantan Selatan (S. Kalimantan).

Kalimantan Tengah (Central Kalimantan).

Kalimantan Timur (E. Kalimantan).

Kandy. = Candy. Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

Khao Dong Rum, [Khao Nang Ram]. Located in the Huai Kha Khaeng WS, W. Thailand.

Kanara [Region] Karnataka, India.

Kanshirei. Taiwan.

Kapaur. Now Fakfak. W. Irian -West Papua.

Karnataka. State of S.W. India.

Keningau. Chief town on the interior plain of Sabah.

Kerala. S.W. India.

Kinabalu, Mt, Gg. 4095m. Sabah, Borneo. Highest mountain between the Himalaya & West Papua (Indonesia) where the Maoke range has Puncak Jaya (4884m) and 9 other peaks over 4,000m

King Is. Myanmar [Burma].

Khao Luang NP. S.Thailand.

Khasi, Khassis, Khasis, Khasia Hills. Meghalaya, N. India.

Kletak Tengger. E. Java. 15km N.W. of Banyuwangi.

Koelawi, Paloe [= Palu]. About 20km SSE of Palu, Sulawesi Tengah.

Komatsu. City, located half way down the W. coast of Honshu, the main island of Japan.

Kretam [VJR]. Lower Kinabatangan River, N.E. Sabah.

Labi [Rd.]. Brunei (a collecting site otherwise known as ‘Sg. Rampayoh’).

Labuan. Malaysian Island off the N.W. coast of Borneo.

Lawas. Northernmost town of Sarawak.

Lebong Tandai, Bengkulu Province (Benkoelen Province; Benkulen Province), S.W. Sumatra.

Los Banos, Central Philippines.

Louisiade Arch.. Islands off the S.E. tip of PNG.

Luwu [Kingdom of] (Luwuq or Wareq) is the oldest kingdom in S. Sulawesi.

Luzon. Philippines, see map.

Madras. = Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu, S.E. India.

Maharashtra. State of W. India, capital is Mumbai (Bombay).

Malesia. A biogeographical region straddling the boundary of the Indomalaya and Australasia ecozones it includes the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea., and the the Solomon Is, but excluding Australia.

Maliau Basin. Barely explored upland basin in S. central Sabah.

Malinao, [Inlet] Dinagat Is., Philippines.

Mantang Riau, Pulau Kundur, E. Sumatra, Indonesia. (Straits of Malacca 25 km W of Singapore).

Maxwell's (Maxwell) Hill. (Now Bkt. Larut (Lerut)), Perak, W. Malaysia.

Maymyo. Nr. Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma).

McKay, Q., Australia.

Medan. N. Sumatra, Indonesia.

Meghalaya, Megalaya. State in N.E. India.

Mesilau. Upland plateau on the slopes of Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah.

Milne Bay. S.E. tip of PNG.

Mindanao. S. Phillipines.

Misool, Misol, Mysol Is. Moluccas, Indonesia.

Moluccas, Indonesia. A confusion of islands west of PNG. The current administrative area of ‘Maluku’ includes most, but not all of the Moluccas.

Mt Kinabalu. A notable mountain in Sabah. At 4095m it is the highest mountain between the Himalaya and the peaks of W. Irian on the island of New Guinea.

Mt. Bawan. W. Kalimantan.

Mt. Dulit. Headwaters of the Tinjar River, Baram District, N. Sarawak.

Mt. Tahan. Pahang, W. Malaysia. In Taman Negara NP. Highest mountain in W. Malaysia.

Mt. Talomo. Apo Range, Cotabato, Davao, S. Philippines.

Mulu [NP]. Well researched mountain and cave complex in N. Sarawak.

Myanmar. See map Burma Various world entities have chosen to accept or reject the name change from Burma to Myanmar; both names are recognised.. The United Nations, of which Myanmar is a member, endorsed the name. However, governments of many English speaking countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada still refer to the country as Burma, with varying levels of recognition of the validity of the name change itself. Others, including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the governments of Germany, France, Japan, China and Russia recognise Myanmar as the official name. Opposition groups continue to use the name Burma, because they do not recognize the legitimacy of the ruling military government nor its authority to change the official name of the country internationally. Various non-Bamar ethnic groups choose to not recognize the name because the term Myanmah has historically been used as a label for the majority ethnic group rather than for the country.

Myitkyina. N. Myanmar (Burma).

Mysol. See Misool.

N.E. Bengal. Bangladesh.

Nabawan [Sepulit (Sepulut)] FR). Central Sabah.

Nagaland. Indian State, part of the N.E. Frontier region.

Nepal. See map.

New Britain. N.W. of the Solomon Is., see map.

New Caledonia. S.E. of PNG.

New Guinea. Large island east of Sulawesi (Celebes). The eastern half is the sovereign state of PNG. The western half is the Indonesian province of West Irian (formerly Irian Jaya). Old locality labels sometimes refer to ‘Dutch New Guinea’ for the western part of the island

New Ireland. N.E. of PNG, part of the Bismarck Arch..

Nicobar Islands. S. of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. See map

Northern Territory. (NT), Australia, see map.

Nukurinji Valley. Sumatra probably nr. Medan.

Oinainsa. Said to be ‘Timor’.

Padang Rengas, Perak, W. Malaysia.

Pago Pago. Capital of American Samoa.

Palawan. See map.

Palos Bay, possibly = Palu Bay, North Makassar Strait, Sulawesi Selatan.

Pangeau. Nr Maros, S.E. Sulawesi.

Papua New Guinea, (PNG). Eastern half of the island of New Guinea. At one time a German colony.

Penungah. River in Central Sabah, or (more probably) the settlement of Pinangah, along this river.

Perak. State in northern W. Malaysia.

Philippines. See map.

Poring Hot Springs (PHS). Eastern side of Mt Kinabalu NP.

Port Blair, Andaman Is.

Port Darwin, Darwin. NT, Australia.

Prapat. E. shore of Lake Toba, N. central Sumatra.

Pulau Laut. Island off the S coast of Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesian Borneo.

Siberut, Pulau Siberut. One of the Mentawai Is. off the W. coast of Sumatra.

Puncak Dingin. A mountain in Lore Lindu NP, S. of Palu, Sulawesi.

Queensland. (Q), Australia, see map.

Rafflesia FR. Forest reserve for Rafflesia plants in the Crocker Range NP close to Tambunan, Sabah.

Sabah. One of the two eastern States of Malaysia on the island of Borneo (the other being Sarawak).

Salayer, Selayer. Island S of Sulawesi. Could be ‘Salay’, Philippines

Samoa Islands. Pacific Ocean. Split between the sovereign state of Western Samoa, and Eastern Samoa, administered by the USA.

Samplaga [Samplaga, Luwu, Sulawesi Selatan] (not located, Could be mispelling of ‘Sampaga’ a town on the W. coast of Sulawesi, not Samplaga in the Philippines), see Luwu above.

Sandakan. City on E. coast of Sabah.

Santa Domingo. Dominican Republic. Caribbean.

Sarawak. One of the two eastern states of Malaysia situated on the north-west of the island of Borneo. It is the largest state in Malaysia (the second largest is adjacent Sabah).

Segawa. Mispel. of ‘Segama’ as in ‘Lower Segama’, an area bordering the Segama River in E. Sabah.

Semangko. Hill pass on the Selangor - Pahang boundary, W. Malaysia.

Seneng. E. Java.

Sepilok. Nr. Sandakan, E Sabah. Location of the Forest Research Centre of the Sabah Forest Dept.

Seram. Ceram. Indonesia, see map.

Serinsim. Mt Kinabalu NP, Sabah.

Sg. Segama. River on E side of Sabah.

Sg. Rampayoh. Same as 'Labi [Rd]', Brunei.

Sg. Ujug [Sarawak], Not located. Definitely not Sg. Ujung (Seremban).

Shortland Island (also know as Alu), Solomon Is..

Sichuan. Large province in S.W. China.

Sikkim. Small Indian state; sandwiched between Nepal & Bhutan.

Silchar. Town in S. central Assam, India.

Simla. Hill town in Himachal Pradesh, N.W. India.

Simlungen. Prapat, N. Sumatra.

Singapore. Small sovereign state on the S. tip of the Malay Peninsular. Note that on old labels this could mean Johor (Malaysia).

Singolangoe, Java, Indonesia.

Solomon Islands. See map.

Southern Asia, South Asia. Umbrella term for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bhutan. Myanmar (Burma) is generally referred to as being part of S.E.Asia

Sri Lanka. See map. Formerly Ceylon.

St Aignan. An island in the Louisiade Arch. (see above).

Sula Mangoli. An island in the Sula Archipelago, S. Sulawesi

Sulawesi. See map

Sumatra. See map

Sumba. Island E. of Lombok

Sumbawa. Also E. of Lombok

Sundaland. Sunda shelf. Area connected by a shallow water continental shelf to the Malay Peninsula. Comprises Peninsular Malaysia, Java, Sumatra and Borneo with smaller islands and Philippines. Bounded to the E. by Wallace’s Line (the dotted line on the map).

Sylhet. A city in N.E.Bangladesh adjacent to Meghalaya (India).

Taiwan. See map. Part of Indonesia

Tam Dao Mts. NP. N.E. Vietnam.

Tambora. Notoriously explosive mountain on Sumbawa, between the islands of Lombok and Flores.

Tambunan. Town in  the interior of Sabah, nr. Keningau.

Tavoy. Now known as Dawei, a port in S.E. Myanmar (Burma).

Tawaya [N. of Palos Bay] A location where several W. Doherty types come from; not positively located.

i) Tawaya. a village in Sulawesi Tengah Near Poso (Probably not this).

ii) Tawaya = Towaja 40km N. of Palu, Sulawesi Tengah (Probably this).

iii) Definitely not Tawaya Island, West Papua (New Guinea).

Telang Selang, E. Kalimantan.

Tenasserim. S.E. Myanmar (Burma).

Thailand. See map.

Timor. See map.

Tjibadas, Tjibados is probably now Cibadas, W. Java.

Townsville. Q., Australia.

Tuitula, American Samoa.

Ugano, Tanzania, E. Africa.

Utakwa River. Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

Uthai Thani. Province in W.Thailand.

Vanuatu. Island S.E of PNG and W. of Fiji.

Wallace’s Line. Line suggested by Alfred Russel Wallace as the pision between the fauna and flora of Sundaland and Australasia. See dotted line on map.

Wallacea. A biogeographical designation for a group of Indonesian islands separated by  deep water straits from the Asian (Sunda) and Australian (Sahul) continental shelves. The islands include Sulawesi, the Moluccas, Ceram and the string of islands E. of Bali.

West Bengal. State in N.E. India.

West Irian. See West Papua.

West Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia.

West Papua. The western half of the island of New Guinea. West Irian, Irian Jaya and Dutch New Guinea are previous names. The country is administered by Indonesia. The eastern half of New Guinea is the sovereign state of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Yunnan, Province of S. China; adjacent to Myanmar (Burma).