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Conogethes haemactalis Snellen, [1890]; PED 15

  • Taxonomy

    The holotype of Conogethes haemactalis Snellen, 1890: 592, is from Sikkim. Comb. rev. to Conogethes (Shaffer et al. 1996). The male lectotype selected by Munroe et al. (1958: 76) is in the NHM.

    Syn. Conogethes nubifera T.P. Lucas, 1892: 264, TL Brisbane (Birpengarry). Syn, n. Shaffer et al. (1996);

    syn. Conogethes haplosema Turner MS name? (LepIndex).

  • Description

    Wing length: 9mm. Similar in spot pattern to C. punctiferalis Guenée, 1854: 320 but characterised by the markings being a purplish-red. Variation of spotting and lineation occurs there may be extensive reddish purple blotchings or reduced definition of spots. A lightly marked specimen from Singapore is illustrated. A similar unnamed sp. with extensive red suffusion on the basal and distal areas of the FW was seen in the NHM; TL Irian Jaya (Utakwa River, Snow Mountains).

  • Distribution & Habitat


  • Life History & Pest Status

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  • Similar spp.

    C. punctiferalis

  • Unrelated Look-alikes

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  • References

    Lucas, T.P. (1892) On twenty new species of Australian Lepidoptera Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W. N.S. 2 (7): 249-266.

    Snellen, P.C.T. (1890b) XVIII A catalogue of the Pyralidina of Sikkim collected by Henry J. Elwes and the late Otto Möller. Trans ent. Soc Lond: 557-647, 2 pl. (XIX & XX).

  • Genitalia

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  • DNA Barcode

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  • 3D Imaging

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  • Spare

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