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Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenée, [1854]; PED 15

  • Taxonomy

    The female holotype of Salbia medinalis [ssp. medinalis] Guenée 1854: 201 is from from ‘Indes orientales?’ it is in the NHM.

    Syn. Botys nursialis Walker, 1859d: 724 from Australia (Moreton Bay), as a ssp (LepIndex) is in the NHM;

    syn? Botys fasciculatalis Walker, ([1866] 1865: 1491 from New Guinea is in the U.M. Oxford. It is 'probably a ssp of medinalis (genitalia diferences miniscule)' (Bradley, 1981);

    syn. Marasmia canstensziana Rothchild, 1915: 129. TL Irian Jaya, (Snow Mountains) is in the NHM. Comb. n. as a ssp of C. medinalis (Munroe, 1991);

    syn Botys iolialis Walker 1859d: 666 TL Hong Kong This is the TS of Cnaphalocrocis Lederer, 1863c: 384) Designated by Klima 1937a: 60 (as syn. in LepIndex);

    syn. Cnaphalocrocis jolinalis Lederer 1863: 385 misspell.;

    syn. Cnaphalocrocis jolealis Lederer 1863: 385, Pl. 12, Fig. 7 misspell. The female type of C. iolialis was recognised as as a junior subjective syn. of C. rutialis Walker 1859 :665 by Lederer 1863: 385 (see also Meyrick 1884b: 304);

    ?syn. Botys rutilalis Walker, 1859d: 665 TL Ceylon (Swinhoe 1890: 272); This syn. should be re-verified as some differences in fasciation are present. We provisionally treat this as a good sp.(See C. rutialis).

    Cnaphalocrocis acerrimalis Walker, ([1866] 1865: 1449-1450) (TL Java) is very similar but not proven syn.

  • Description

    Wing length: 6.5-8.5mm. A coppery yellow and brown sp. Wingspan 15-18mm. FW with straight transverse submedian and postmedian purplish-brown lines angled from the costa. Common around cultivated ground. Note the tuft of scales halfway along the FW costa of the males. The patterning is simpler and the lineation is much straighter and more easily distinguished from most other Cnaphalocrocis spp.. C. rutilalis (Walker, 1859d: 665) is very similar but has the FW submedian line angled towards the body as it reaches the costa and the post median line is practically straight.

  • Distribution & Habitat

    Sri Lanka, India (S., Karnataka, Sikkim, Bhutan), Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Sabah, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia (Java, Molluccas, Irian Jaya), New Guinea, Australia (NT, Q, W, NSW), Solomon Is. Philippines, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan. Lowland and hill country in cultivated and grassy areas; <1200m.

  • Life History & Pest Status

    A serious leaf roller pest of Oryza sativa (rice) (Conway & Tay, 1968, Common 1990, Bainbrigge-Fletcher, 1914). Barrion & Litsinger (1980) note natural predation of the larvae by ants. Parasitic Hymenoptera : Ichneumonoidea Scenocharps uchita and S. sinui are reported as parasitic on this pest species in India by Suheer & Narendran (2005). Some varieties of rice are more resistant to attack (Pathak et al., 1994)

  • Similar spp.

    Cnaphalocrocis acerrimalis
    C. rutilalis
    sp. 2

  • Unrelated Look-alikes

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  • References

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