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Agathodes ostentalis Geyer, [1833]; PED 11

  • Taxonomy

    The holotype of Perinephela ostentalis Geyer, 1837: 11, figs 833, 834 is from Sri Lanka. Comb. n. to Agathodes (Guenée 1854: 207)

  • Description

    Wing length : 18mm. For comment on the separation of Agathodes species, see A. caliginosalis, under ‘Description’. This sp. is said to be distinguishable from A. caliginosalis Snellen by having a light coloured HW. It is smaller and has brighter pink and green FW markings (the margin especially is a noticeable bright pink), than A. caliginosalis Snellen and A. modicalis Guenée. See RTS, (1994). Specimens ostensibly of this sp. from Kalimantan Timur, (Pasir, Gunung Lumut Protection Forest) in the RMNH (Leiden) have been DNA barcoded (BOLD; RMNH.INS.19582 & RMNH.INS.19583).

    Agathodes monstralis Guenée, 1854: 209 is represented in many collections by specimens from Asia but as it is now considered a ssp. of the neotropical A. designalis Guenee: (Munroe 1996) [TL North America] the specimens are probably mis-identified A.modicalis. However Munroe separated out a series in the NHM (Agathodes sp. 12) which may merit further investigation.

  • Distribution & Habitat

    Sri Lanka, India (Sikkim), Burma, W. Malaysia, Sabah, Sumatra, Java, Sumbawa, PNG, Australia (Q., W, NT, NSW & central).Philippines, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan, Japan.

  • Life History & Pest Status

    Known as a boring and webbing pest of coral tree spp. (Erythrina speciosa, E. indica E. vespertilio & E. variegata (Fabaceae) in Australia and throughout Southeast Asia. A. ostentalis is very similar to A. designalis in its adult form, but is quite different in mature larvae, which are dark brown with yellow stripes. The larvae feed on the underside of leaves of Erythrina spp. Wakamura & Arakaki (2004) discovered that the two similar pyralid moths Terastia subjectalis [= T. meticulosalis?] and A. ostentalis feeding on the coral tree shared common sex pheromone components in different ratios.

  • Similar spp.

    Agathodes caliginosalis Snellen

    Agathodes modicalis Guenée

    Agathodes monstralis Guenée

    Agathodes sp 12.

  • Unrelated Look-alike

    Terastia subjectalis.

  • References

    Geyer, C. (1837) in Hübner [1818-1837] Zuträge zur Sammlung exotischer Schmettling bestehend in Bekundigung einzelner Fliegmuster neuer oder rarer nichteuropäischer Gattungen, 5: 52 pp. pls. 138-172, figs. 801-1000., Augsberg. [In German]

    Guenée, A. (1854) Deltoïdes et pyralites. In Boisduval, J.A. & Guenée, A., Hist. nat. des Insectes (Spec. gén. Lépid.) Vol. 8, 448pp. + 10 pls., Librarie Encyclopédique de Roret: Paris.

    [RTS] (1994): 190

  • Genitalia

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  • DNA Barcode

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  • 3D Imaging

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  • Spare

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